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授权代理商Nunc EASYFILL2细胞工厂 1层_培养面积 631cm2 双大口 6个/箱

培养面积 631cm2 双大口 6个/箱

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Save valuable space with Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ EasyFill™-2 Cell Factory system. Each 10-layer, single-use system holds the equivalent of 36 T-175 flasks. The linear multi-layer cell culture format is easy to use and promotes easy scalability, ideal for both research and commercial-scale applications.


  • Maximize cell and product yield, and enhance your workflow productivity—EasyFill systems come in 1-, 2-, 4-, 10-, and 40-tray versions; the cell culture surface area of one 10-layer Cell Factory unit is equivalent to the area of 36 T-175 flasks
  • Obtain faster results and lot-to-lot consistency, as these systems have the same growth kinetics as laboratoryscale Nunc cell culture dishes and flasks
  • Nunc Cell Factory systems are designed for a variety of biological and commercial applications, with a certified sterility assurance level of 10–6 achieved following ISO 11137-2 guidelines
  • Nunclon Delta surface treatment for consistent performance from layer to layer and from lot to lot; our cell culture certification includes verification of monolayer formation and cloning efficiency using four different cell lines
  • Configuration service to design and certify full Cell Factory assembly to meet your process needs
  • Continuity and reliability of manufacturing to help ensure dependent supply chain
  • EasyFill systems facilitate faster filling and emptying with one large opening; fill and empty 5 times faster.